Friday, July 19, 2013

Hidemi’s Rambling No.477

Since January, I had been pondering on the cause of a rash on my face in earnest. It was possible that my pollen allergy got stronger this year. Or, I took a bath too long and too often because it had become my daily routine to go to the communal spa in my apartment building both in the morning and in the evening. Or, the kind of cosmetics I had used for more than five years suddenly disagreed with my skin. I had to try everything to get rid of this inconvenience. My favorite bath time got shorter and I changed cosmetics. Yet nothing worked. Meanwhile, Tulip finished the tour and broke up again in the beginning of July. And at the same time, I started having a red rash around my eyes. I despaired. My eyes were comically swollen and I looked just like Bart Simpson. There was no way to hide my face or to go outside any more. It happened the day after I had basil pasta for dinner. Something clicked in my head suddenly. Back in January, I found a pouch of basil pasta sauce at a very low price online. I had bought it regularly and had it quite often since then. I keep a journal every day a little too in detail, with my weight and the maximum temperature of the day, what I did, what time I did it, and what I ate. I looked through my journal and noticed that every time the rash got aggravated, I had basil pasta the night before. As I had never had a food allergy, it was a blind spot. I stopped eating basil pasta and ten days later, my rash, at long last, disappeared. The long battle was over. The cause was my favorite dish, but what kind of idiot takes six months to find it…?